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Arrival in England · 3454 dagen geleden by Ad van den Ende

Hic Willelm dux in magno navigio
Here duke William in a great ship.

The Sea

Transiunt et venit ad Pevensae
They cross and he gets to Pevensee


Hic exeunt caballi de navibus et hic milites ….
Here the horsemen are getting out of the ships and here the soldiers ….

Milites festinaverunt Hestinga ut cibum raperentur
The soldiers have sped to Hastings to seize food.

Hic est Wadard:
This is Vadard (the commander of the foraging men)

Hic coquitur caro: et hic ministraverunt ministri:
Here meat is roasted; and here the servants have served;

Hic fecerunt prandium: Et hic episcopus cibu et potu benedicit:
Here they have prepared the meal; and here the bishop blesses food and drink.

Odo ep(iscopu)s Robert Willelm Iste iussit ut foredetur castellum
Bishop Odo; Robert; William; he ordered that should be built a fortified camp.

Hic nuntiatum est Willelm de Harold:
Here William has been informed about Harold.