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Teiresias and Kadmus · 3491 dagen geleden by Ad van den Ende


170 τίς ἐν πύλαισι; Κάδμον ἐκκάλει δόμων,
Who is at the gates? Call Kadmos from the house,
Ἀγήνορος παῖδ᾽, ὃς πόλιν Σιδωνίαν
son of Agenor, who the city of Sidon
λιπὼν ἐπύργωσ᾽ ἄστυ Θηβαίων τόδε.
having left, has furnished with towers this town of the Thebans.
ἴτω τις, εἰσάγγελλε Τειρεσίας ὅτι
Let someone go, announce that Teiresias
ζητεῖ νιν: οἶδε δ᾽ αὐτὸς ὧν ἥκω πέρι
is looking for him. He knows why I have come
175 ἅ τε ξυνεθέμην πρέσβυς ὢν γεραιτέρῳ,
and what agreement I have made, being old, with a still older:
θύρσους ἀνάπτειν καὶ νεβρῶν δορὰς ἔχειν
to twine the thyrsoi and to have fawn-skins,
στεφανοῦν τε κρᾶτα κισσίνοις βλαστήμασιν.
and to crown our heads with ivy branches.


ὦ φίλταθ᾽, ὡς σὴν γῆρυν ᾐσθόμην κλύων
Dearest friend, for I recognized your wise voice, it hearing,
σοφὴν σοφοῦ παρ᾽ ἀνδρός, ἐν δόμοισιν ὤν:
of a wise man, being inside the house,
180 ἥκω δ᾽ ἕτοιμος τήνδ᾽ ἔχων σκευὴν θεοῦ:
I have come, quick, having this equipment of the god.
δεῖ γάρ νιν ὄντα παῖδα θυγατρὸς ἐξ ἐμῆς
For he must, being the child of the daughter of mine,
Διόνυσον ὃς πέφηνεν ἀνθρώποις θεὸς
[Dionysus, who has appeared to men as a god ]
ὅσον καθ᾽ ἡμᾶς δυνατὸν αὔξεσθαι μέγαν.
as much as is in our power be extolled greatly.