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The Battle · 3456 dagen geleden by Ad van den Ende

(The English are surrounded by the Nordemen.)

(Norman riders)

Hic ceciderunt Lewine et Gyrd ….
Here heve fallen Lewine and Gyrd….

… fratres Haroldi regis:
… brothers of king Harold.

Hic ceciderunt simul Angli et Franci in prelio:
Here have fallen both English and French in the fight;

Hic Odo eps baculum (tenens)
Here bishop Odo, (holding) a stick.

… confortat pueros: Hic est Willelm dux:
… He encourages the boys. Here is duke William.

Hic Franci pugnant ….
Here fight the French….

… et ceciderunt qui erant cum Haroldo:
… and have fallen who were with Harold.

Hic Harold rex interfectus est:
Here king Harold has been killed.

(English foot soldiers against French riders)

Et fuga verterunt Angli:
And the English ran away.

–—— (A result of the conquest was the arrival of Norman Romanesque art in England. The political union between England and Normandy was to have a profound impact on the development of England’s social structure, government and ecclesiastical organisation.