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Harold on the way to Wiliam · 3457 dagen geleden by Ad van den Ende

Edward, (king of England, was childless. He sent Harold, his brother-in-law, to tell William that Edward had decided William should succeed him as king of England. William was a cousin of Edward.)

Ubi Harold, dux anglorum, et sui milites, equitant ad Bosham:
Where Harold, duke of the English, and his soldiers ride to Bosham.

The church (Here Harold prays for a safe crossing. Before the departure they take a copious meal.)

Hic Harold mare navigavit et velis vento plenis
venit in terra vvroonis comitis:
Here Harold has sailed the sea and with sails full of wind
he has come in the land of duke Guido.

(At the high sea)

Harold; hic apprehendit (vvido Harold):
Harold. Here takes (Guido Herald) in prison;

et duxit eum ad Belrem:
and he brought him to Beauraing;

Et ibi eum tenuit:
And there he kept him in prison;

Ubi Harold et Guido parabolant:
Where Harold and Guido negociate.

Ubi nuntii Willelmi ducis venerunt:
Where messengers of duke William have come;

Nuntii Willelmi
Messengers of William;

Hic venit nuntius ad Wilgelmum ducem
Here has come a messenger to duke William;

Hic VVido adduxit Haroldum ad VVilgelmum:
Here Guido has brought Harold to William;

… Normannorum ducem:
… Normannorum ducem: