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Preparation of the Campaign · 3455 dagen geleden by Ad van den Ende

Hic Harold dux reversus est ad Anglicam terram:
Here duke Harold has returned to England.

et venit ad Edvardum regem
and he has come to king Edward;

Hic portatur corpus Edwardi regis …
Here is worn the body of king Edward ….

… ad ecclesiam sancti Petri Apostoli:
… to the church of the holy apostle Petrus;

Hic Edwardus rex alloquit fidelibus –
Here king Edward adresses the believers.
Hic defunctus est;
Here he has died;
hic dederunt Haroldo corona regis
Here they have given Harold the crown of the king
Hic residet Harold rex anglorum
Here resides Harold, king of the Englishmen
Stigant archiceps
The archbishop confirms him;

Isti mirant stellam:
Those wonder at a star; (a comet could be a good or a bad sign.)

Harold; Hic (venit) navis anglica …
Harold; Here (comes) an English ship…;

…. venit in terram Willelmi ducis:
….comes in the land of duke William; (with the information that Harold has been crowned king of England. William is not amused. He prepares a campaign against Harold.)

Hic Willelm dux iussit naves edificare:
Here duke William has ordered to build ships;

(Here they build ships;)

Hic trahunt naves ad mare:
Here they dragg ships to the sea;

Hic portant armes ad naves:
Here they wear weapons to the ships;
et hic trahunt carrum cum vino et armis:
and here they draw a cart with wine and weapons.